Veterinary Medicine Collaborative Space

College of Veterinary Medicine Collaborative Spaces

Reifsteck Reid & Company Architects (RRCo) was retained by the University of Illinois to remodel the library and two classrooms in the Vet Med – Basic Sciences Building. RRCo completed design work to build a 75 seat innovative classroom with upgraded finishes – flooring and ceiling, lighting, painting, furniture, and audio-visual systems. The design also incorporates quiet learning spaces for students to study in groups or collaborate in the remaining space of the library. A small space inside the library will be re-purposed into a small innovative classroom with new finishes including painting, flooring, lighting and furniture. 

Two other classrooms in the building are expected to be converted to active learning spaces. Classroom 2281 is designed to be a 40-seat innovative classroom with upgraded lighting, audio-visual system and furniture. Classroom 217 in the Large Animal Clinic is designed to be a 20-24 seat innovative classroom with upgraded finishes – flooring, seating, lighting, audio-visual system, and furniture.